About Dr Cheong You Wei

MBBS (University of Malaya)
MS General Surgery (University of Malaya)
MS Plastic Surgery (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Fellow in Craniofacial Surgery (Chang Gung, Taiwan)

Dr Cheong underwent basic medical training at University of Malaya. He completed formal training in General Surgery at University of Malaya Medical Centre, followed by formal training in Plastic Surgery at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. He went on to Taiwan to complete the International Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei. He was also a visitor to a number of renowned plastic aesthetic centres in Seoul, Korea. He is a registered plastic surgeon in the National Specialist Register and a member of the Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Craniofacial Surgery.

Email: info@drcheongyouwei.com


Excessive fat accumulation under the skin gives an impression of overweight and obesity. Diet control and exercise can help much to reduce body weight. However there are areas of body where the excessive fat is still present even though overall body weight is reduced. Liposuction is a procedure designed to remove fat under the skin by using a hollow cannula connected to a powerful vacuum device. Liposuction commonly performed on abdomen, back, thigh, buttock, arm, chin and calf. It can also used to treat breast enlargement in male patient. 
Liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia (patient awake) or under general anaesthesia. Tumescent solution is infiltrated into the fat compartment under the skin. The tumescent solution contains anaesthetic drug to block pain sensation and adrenaline to reduce bleeding. Small incisions about 3 to 5mm are made on the skin to deliver the tumescent solution and to insert the suction cannula. After the procedure patient is advised to wear compression garment to help support the skin. Patient usually can go home on the same day.
Important points need to be considered are patient safety, comfort and final aesthetic result. Liposuction is a relatively safe procedure if performed by qualified personnel with adequate experience and skill. The procedure should also be performed in an proper operation room environment with proper support system in place. Recovery takes a few day although patient can usually ambulate from day one after operation. Patient is encouraged to continue take care of their diet and exercise to maintain the desirable body shape and weight.