About Dr Cheong You Wei

MBBS (University of Malaya)
MS General Surgery (University of Malaya)
MS Plastic Surgery (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Fellow in Craniofacial Surgery (Chang Gung, Taiwan)

Dr Cheong underwent basic medical training at University of Malaya. He completed formal training in General Surgery at University of Malaya Medical Centre, followed by formal training in Plastic Surgery at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. He went on to Taiwan to complete the International Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei. He was also a visitor to a number of renowned plastic aesthetic centres in Seoul, Korea. He is a registered plastic surgeon in the National Specialist Register and a member of the Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Craniofacial Surgery.

Email: info@drcheongyouwei.com

Aesthetic Ear Surgery


Otoplasty is a procedure designed to improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear. Some of the ear abnormalities may already be present at birth and become more apparent with growth and development. Others ear deformities are caused by injury or acquired diseases. Among the common ear abnormalities include prominent ear, protruding ear, and ears with abnormal shape and size. Otoplasty creates a normal looking ear that exist in harmony with the face.
Most of the otoplasty procedures are performed as daycare procedure either under local or general anaesthesia. Patients usually are able to go home on the same day. During the surgery the ear cartilage is adjusted and sculptured to create a more aesthetically more pleasing appearance. The operation usually lasts about 1 to 2 hours. The incision site is lightly dressed and patient may be required to come back to remove the sutures after 5 to 7 days.